Memorial Day Helicopter Rides From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

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Not many days left for Memorial Day. As you are anyway spending your holidays in Las Vegas, it’s better you work at making your vacation as unique and remarkable as possible. Grand Canyon air journeys are the best means of touring the city and with so many flight options to choose from, you are sure to find something fitting your finances and wants.

Tips to Take Journeys from Vegas

There are two kinds of journeys from Vegas. These two types of tours are flyover and landing tours. As all trips follow the same route out to the Grand Canyon, you can choose any tour. This indicates that your journey will include flying over the magnificent Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead reservoir. On reaching the Canyon, the trip operator will conduct some attractive moves before going back to Vegas.Your trip includes your being set down at Canyon’s top or bottom if you try out the landing journey.

Tourists not only love the bottom landing tour, it is also my most-loved attraction. You will enjoy the champagne picnic you can have on alighting from the helicopter after landing near the Colorado River. To get the most from the bottom landing tour, you need to reserve a boat trip where you can take a look at the Canyon with a completely new outlook.

The many hiking routes and observation points on the West Rim are what make the top landing tour so attractive. There is another immensely well-known sight amongst tourists which is the Grand Canyon skywalk. Standing at 70ft from the platform’s edge and 4000ft from the Canyon’s bottom the transparent flooring gives you the an outstanding tingling experience.One of the legal photographers of the park will take your photo at this penultimate photo point.

South Grand Canyon

You have to take a short air trip spanning an hour to reach South Rim, which is in adjacent Arizona, from Las Vegas. The 50 minute helicopter flight at the South Rim takes you across the North and South Rims and the park’s eastern part’s limits. As a car or tour bus ride from Vegas to South Rim takes 5.5 hours, it is better to take the flight than driving if you want to visit the South Rim.

Reserving Exclusive Tours

While making ticket reservations, you have to select between basic and exclusive. As there is only a small difference in ticket rates I always advise the exclusive as it also gives a beautiful experience. The modified EcoStar 130 helicopter for sightseeing is used on exclusive trips. Not only is its viewing window bigger than any other helicopter’s, it has enormous seats set in a stadium layout to ensure no one’s view is blocked. With its included limousine commute service, the exclusive tours add more value to the already exclusive tour bundle.


Lastly, make it a point to make advance reservations. If you ask me, reservations should be made no later than fifteen days from the date you intend to fly. You don’t want to miss your tickets with Memorial Day and its peripheral days being so busy. For confirmed seat reservations, use your credit cards while making convenient online bookings. Online bookings also assure you premium prices.

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